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Our Mood Today is Ajoke & Olamide’s 10th Wedding Anniversary Shoot

Ajoke of Makeupbyjaytee and Olamide‘s sweet love has us in our feelings this morning!

What others would have tagged young love as they were both 19 and 21 has become this grown into this beautiful family of 5. They met in 2005, dated for six years, and then tied the knot in 2011. Now 10 years, 3 handsome sons after, it’s their anniversary shoot and we are here for all the sweetness.


 Please take us back to how it all started…

We met in 2005 at the annual youth conference (Church Conference). I was in Toronto, Canada and he was one of the representatives for Atlanta, USA. The first night of the conference, some ladies decided to go into each other’s room to chill and I went to bed. A few moments later my assigned roommates and some other people came to my room. I stayed sleeping because I knew that if our youth pastor finds out we will all be in trouble. The next day some of the girls kept saying “didn’t you see the guy from ATL” “he is this, he is that”. I said oh well.

We got ready for the activity for that day and went downstairs to get on the bus. Some of my friends asked me to go talk to “the guy from ATL” and ask if he wants to come on our bus, so I did. I went up to him, introduced myself to him, and asked for his name. He said Olamide and immediately I smiled saying “oh, that’s my cousin’s name”. We got on the bus, I sat down and he sat next to me. I didn’t hold much conversation with him and also didn’t see him after we got off the bus. But on the last day of the conference, I saw him inside the church alone, walked up to him, and asked why he was still there, he said he was waiting on his ride. We had an awkward silence, then something prompted me to ask if he wanted my number. He said YES! He got my number but I didn’t take his. That was the beginning, we dated for 6 years, long distance.

What was it like at the dating stage? At what point did you know it will be a forever journey?

Dating was weird because it was not a traditional relationship due to the distance. We were both young, I was 19 and he was 21. Both in school and working at the same time. The moment I knew this will lead to forever was when he brought up the idea of “ABSTINENCE”.

What are the most memorable moments from your wedding?

The most memorable moment will be when we were introduced as “Mr. and Mrs. Olamide Tijani. It sounded surreal.

What’s the one thing your spouse does that gets you giddy all the time?

He does this one thing that gets me excited every time, so when I ask for something and he says “you don’t need it babe” and then he surprises me with it.

10 years is a big deal, what are your key lessons from your 10 years in marriage?

Keeping God at the centre of the marriage. Communication is very important.  I didn’t know the importance of finding the right means of communication that works for both of us until we did.

 What are your top 3 fun activities to do as a couple? and then as a family?

As a couple we love to watch at least one movie every day together, we find one day out of the week to bath together. As a family we love taking a walk with the kids, going to the movie theater.

7. What’s your fondest memory together?

Fondest memory will have to be the day we were praying as a family and he asked the boys to recite “The Lord’s Prayer” I was so filled with joy to hear my children recite it and to know he taught them.


How has the parenting journey been?

Parenting has been the best thing ever. Our boys are blessed to have such a loving father, who makes sure he baths them every single night and tucks them in. A mother who keeps it fun with all our TikTok contents.

Third look…


 What do you love the most about your sweetheart?

His zeal to always want to take care of us. His heart, the way he loves me and our boys. Lastly, his honesty.

If you could change anything from the last 10 years, what would it be?

If I could change anything in the last 10 years of my marriage it will definitely be NOTHING! I believe everything from day one was exactly how God planned it. Our prayer is that we don’t do anything that is not his Will and Purpose for our lives.




Bride: @makeupbyjaytee
White dress: @bandoraonline
Red dress: @elidyscouture
Hairstyling: @mo_glow_
Trad Look: @lamirs_closet
Photography: @inijephotos
Venue: @vinesmansion

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