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AY & Mabel’s 12th Anniversary Shoot is Giving Us All The Feels

This love thing is beautiful.

It gives us great joy to see couples’ celebrate a major milestone in their union. Today we know why we are smiling and that’s because award-winning comedian AY and his darling wife, Mabel are celebrating 12  years of love, happiness and bliss. They didn’t just bless us with beautiful photos to celebrate but also shared some sweet words to each other.

Here’s what AY shared:

It’s been a meaningful 12 years out of the 16 years of knowing you. @realmabelmakun your love has been my strength through difficult times. Your genuine care has always been my spirit to live and work extra hard for us all. Your tears and smiles are my motivation to make you happier every single day. Having you by my side forever is my only wish on this special moment. Happy 12th year anniversary my love. #forevertogether

She shared:


So much we have been through together in the last 12 years of marriage and 16 years of knowing each other but through it all,we have stayed strong and committed to loving each other more as the days go by. It is not by our power nor might but by the spirit of God almighty. Happy anniversary to us,God keep and protect you dearest husband of mine @aycomedian


Couple: @aycomedian  & @realmabelmakun
Styling: @medlinboss
Hair: @dv_hairbeautysalon
Makeup: @bibyonce
White Dress@pmluxury18
Second Dress: @topefnr
Photography: @felixcrown

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