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Marigold and Alfred Found Love at an Audition! #MadeInTheAM2023

We absolutely can’t get over how love shows up in the most beautiful way. Who would have thought that following a friend to an audition will lead you to the love of your life? 😅

Alfred spotted Marigold at an audition and it was love at first sight. Even though he lost her contact, that didn’t make him give up. He was able to get her Instagram handle and that was the beginning of their sweet love journey! Now, we can hear the sound of wedding bells and their pre-wedding pictures are just a breath of fresh air. We are so elated for these two and we know you will love their photos as much as we do!

Enjoy their love story and pre-wedding photos below:

Their love story as shared by Alfred:

I saw Marigold in 2015 at an audition at NAFTI. I went there to audition as an actor for a new television series and she was just accompanying her friend. She looked very familiar but I couldn’t pinpoint where or how I had seen her. We exchanged contacts but I never reached out because I lost her contact and she didn’t reach out either. She looked so stunning on that audition day that I couldn’t get her out of my mind. I looked for her until I found her on IG and sent a DM to check up on her.

That’s when I realized where I knew her. I had seen her pageant pictures some months earlier. I was really interested in her; her calm personality plus I’ve always had a thing for tall women. This particular woman was a discovery though she wasn’t even looking at my side. We were acquaintances for about two years barely speaking to each other. In 2017 we reconnected again and officially started dating in August that’s when she told me my coloured socks made her notice me from a distance at the auditions. Our ups outweighed the downs even during our long distances which were for a few years. Here we are today, she’s really perfect for me!


Bride: @_maamenaa
Groom: @alfred_mckenzie
Planner: @africanweddingcelebrations
Dress: @ribbonbluegh
Suit: @thegroomstylist


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