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Aminat & Ibukun Went From University Buddies to #TilTheTwelfthOfNever22

With love, you can never say never. It’s one of our favourite things about love, and today, Aminat and Ibukun are serving us some sweet love doses to make our day!

The love birds met as students in the university and while Ibukun already knew that Aminat was going to be his wife, she didn’t see it coming. But in the end, love won and here we are, drooling over their beautiful pre-wedding photos and love story. Their love is giving us all the feels and we just can’t get over their sweet story. Keep scrolling to see their throwback photo and of course, how Aminat narrates their love story.

Enjoy their love story and pre-wedding shoot below.

Their love story as shared by Aminat:

We met in our 100 level. We became close friends, reading partners and so on from 200 level. He asked me out at about 300 level. He said words like, “you would marry me last last”, but I was not interested until 500 level.

I came into awareness of his love for me and we began a relationship in July 2017. The rest they say is history.

Check out a before and after photo of the love birds and peep the glow up! 😅



Bride @sarahajagbemua
Planner @hills_concept
Makeup @saffy_ore
Photography @ifedayo.x
Outfit @mariebabs
Styling @theaaccompany


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