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Wura & Ayo’s Sweet #BNBling Moment + Their Love Story Will Make You Blush!

What’s sweeter than having the love of your life asking to spend the rest of your life with them! Sweet #BNBling moments just gets us in our feelings and today, Wura and Ayo are giving us all the feels.

Wura met her baby, Ayo at a welcome party for the Ooni of Ife in Canada. Wura’s reputation as a sonorous singer preceded her. So, Ayo on recognising Wura started a conversation. From a cool chat, they became friends and years down the line, the two are head over heels in love with each other. Ayo went down on one knee and asked the love of his life, Wura to marry him and of course, she said yes! We’re taking in all the love in these beautiful #BNBling photos and totally rooting for the lovebirds as they get ready for another phase of their lives. Ayo and Wura give us the full scoop of how they met and all that led to this precious moment. Keep scrolling to find out.

Check out the beautiful photos from their surprise proposal below:

Their love story as told by Wura and Ayo


We met in July 2017 at the Nigerian House in Ottawa where Wura’s dad was responsible for welcoming and hosting the Ooni of Ife during his official visit to Canada as part of the celebrations of Canada’s 150th anniversary. I thought to myself, “that must be the ‘Wura’ I have heard so much about.”


I remember seeing him and thinking, ‘who is this fine man’? I quickly brushed off the thought and went back to the room where I was seated. A few minutes later, he walked into the room and asked, ‘You’re Wura right?’ I looked at him confused and asked how he knew.

He went ahead to tell me how he had heard so much about my singing abilities and knew me from a distance. We ended up talking about the possibilities of us going back to Nigeria. Imagine o, our first conversation was about Nigeria. lol.

However, that showed me how passionate he is about Naija. He asked for my contact to keep in touch and that was the beginning of our friendship. He was in a relationship at the time so we barely spoke after that first meet until about a month later.

We had a long conversation and he told me more about himself and that his relationship ended. Our talks became more frequent and after a few months, he revealed that he tried hooking me up with one of his friends acting as the intermediary but that fell through.

He ended up liking me so much he had to mention the feeling to his friend lol. I didn’t like the friend back at the time so it was all good. He was still healing from his prior relationship so we remained friends for a little over one year and within that time he moved back to Nigeria.

On a random day in January 2019, I woke up to an ‘I miss you’ text from him. He wanted us to talk and I obliged. He professed his love for me, how he wanted to spend forever with me and asked me to be his girl. I said yes to him 2 days later and that was the start of our beautiful journey.


I look back to the strides we’ve made through the various seasons we’ve shared together and what sealed it for me was her solid and balanced character. Wura’s love and support never wavered throughout. Therefore, the decision to ask that life-changing question “Will you marry me?” was definitely easy.

It gives me utmost peace of mind because there is no other human in the world I’d rather spend the rest of my life with. I look forward to the amazing seasons ahead and the beautiful family we will build together. Arike mi, my forever choice.


Saying yes to Ayo at our proposal was easy because he is easily my favourite human. I am grateful to God for making our paths cross because Ayo feels like home.



Bride-to-be: @wuraola_ol
Groom-to-be:  @a.y.o_
Planner: @celebrationeventsmgmt
Photography: @f10studio
Videography: @ziggy.on.the.lens
Makeup: @tianahbeaute
Venue: @hotelxtoronto
Violinist: @danielmontemusic
Outfit: @olarsgrace

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