A Smooth Sail Into Forever! Anjola & Babatunde Met at a Friend’s Party

One thing about love? It will find you anywhere! We already have mentioned how parties can be such great avenues to meet the love of your life and today, we’re making a re-emphasis. If you haven’t been attending parties, this sweet love story from Anjola and Babatunde may just be your cue. 😅

The lovers met for the first time at a mutual friend’s birthday party and it was pretty much a smooth sail from then on. The two are now all set and ready to do life together forever and we’re absolutely stoked for them. Their pre-wedding photos are giving us all the feels and we simply can’t get over their sweet chemistry.

Check out their beautiful photos and love story below.

Their love story as shared by the couple, Anjola and Babatunde:

We met at a mutual friend’s party. We talked all through and have talked to each other every day since then and now we’re here.



Planner @bankysuevents
Makeup @oshe_mua
Hair @inudidit1
Photography @bedgepictures

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