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A Sweet NYSC Love Story! It’s #HappilyeverDANNA For Anna & Daniel

If love is determined to come your way, best believe it will defy everything on its path. It can even bring a lost opportunity your way again just like it did for Anna and Daniel!

Daniel fell in love the moment he sighted the beautiful Anna in their NYSC camp. However, he didn’t get a chance to shoot his shot then. He felt he had lost that opportunity, so imagine his delight when he crossed paths with her again after NYSC camp! This time, he did not hesitate to make his move and it paid off because now a wedding is in the works! The lovebirds are giving us every reason to smile today as we take in the beauty of their pre-wedding photos. You’ll definitely love every frame as you scroll.

Enjoy their pre-wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Anna:

The best love is unexpected. I never thought anyone would make me laugh till my stomach hurts and capture my heart as fast as Daniel did. LOL sorry, I got emotional there. Let me gist you about how I met my man briefly. I got a new job after my NYSC camp and the usual pre-employment process for organizations involves medicals. One fateful morning, I went to the hospital to get my medicals done and to be honest, I could not wait to get over with it. After concluding with the receptionist to add my name to the waiting list, I heard a faint ‘’hey’’ behind me.

I looked back and saw Daniel giving me the ‘’don’t you know me?’’ stare. Nobody told him to introduce himself while I just listened absent-mindedly hahahahaha. To cut the gist short, Daniel asked for my number saying he would love to keep up with the employment process as he will be leaving town that day. Oshey, Anna the employment update officer.  In my mind, I was like oga if you want to collect a number, collect with your full chest, no dey go through corners. Anyway, I gave him my number and we have talked every day since then. The chemistry was the fastest I had ever experienced. It felt like I had known Daniel for years. He felt like a childhood friend. We became guys; Daniel is my best guy right now!

Our friendship blossomed into a romantic one despite all my resistance because I knew I never wanted to loose the friendship we had. God had other plans for me. If anyone told me at the hospital that I just met my husband, I would have sighed LOL. My friendship with Daniel has made our love easier even when problems arise. Since I met him, I have grown so much in all ramifications. He is the kindest and most supportive man I know and would do anything to ensure I am the happiest babe alive. I feel so blessed by God because only God could have given me the blessing that is Daniel. Hey baby, forever starts now! I love you.

Their love story as shared by Daniel:

People who say opportunity comes but once are so certain you would never really get a second chance. I believe opportunities always come but you must be ready to take advantage of them once they come knocking. Well, I daresay I am glad to be counted amongst the lucky few who get second chances. The first time I set my eyes on Anna was in the Lagos NYSC camp and we belonged to the same platoon. She was someone to easily sight because her yellow skin was one for the books. We had a mutual friend in camp, and I remember I would greet her occasionally. Anna screams till this day that she never saw me in camp – my chest oh! Fine boy like me! The amazing Annabanana had such a gentle demeanour that could clearly not be missed.

Fast forward after NYSC camp, I got a new job and went for my medicals. While in the waiting room of the hospital, I saw one yellow girl walk in and it was Anna! What were the odds? It felt like a scene from the movie. I wasted no time in introducing myself which was needed because she did not know me at first glance. I guess she never noticed me in camp. We exchanged contacts that same day and not a day has passed without us talking to each other. Having a lover and a best friend in Anna has made my life sweeter.

Anna has impacted my life so much and is continuously helping me to make good choices at being a better man every day. She is the complete package Heaven sent to complete me, and she has been fulfilling this purpose with so much finesse and grace. I have never met anyone that is as disciplined as my baby. If I were to list all her outstanding qualities, I doubt I would drop my pen. To have Anna in your life is a blessing. Even her friends attest to it all the time. I am the luckiest man in the world because I get to do forever with the best girl ever. Let me save the rest for my vows, I am so excited to do forever with her! She knows I cannot wait! I love you, babe. Forever and always.



Bride-to-be: @annaenuma
Photography: @promzimedia | @promziweddings
Makeup: @slaymokus_beauty
Planner: @roc_events

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