The Excitement in Iruya & Izu’s White Wedding Video will Make Your Day!

We can’t get tired of talking about our love for weddings. Seeing people choosing to spend the rest of their lives together makes us so happy! Today we are all excited and it is because of our lovebirds, Iruya and Izu!

The sweethearts exchanged vows in a beautiful white wedding and there was so much beauty to gush over. Iruya made such a gorgeous bride and Izu came looking dapper! The heartwarming morning prep with the squad certainly had us in our feelings. They also had a wedding reception which was full of so much energy and fun! The dancefloor was lit and you will find yourself moving your feet as you watch. Iruya and Izu’s white wedding video is set to make your day!

Enjoy their wedding video below:


Videography: @nategenius01
Featured Image: @38secondsevents

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    January 31, 2023 at 9:36 AM

    Welldone my sister Kelechi! Its true your daughters marriage will last foreever in Jesus name!

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