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We are Getting all Mushy with AnnaBel & Deji’s Surprise #BNBling

We enjoying love stories and proposals and you already know that!

Annabel got the proposal she always wanted from the man of her dreams, Deji. Deji planned everything beautifully to the very last detail. How do we know this? Well, bride-to-be, Annabel shared this on her Instagram page:

(Since my friends have no self control and I don’t want to carry last lol)

June 14th,2020

What a day. One day, I’ll actually tell this story but today, I just want to shout out to the most amazing man, handcrafted for me. It’s been less than a week since and I still feel teary-eyed when I look at the pictures.
The attention to detail, down to the music in the car, the carefully crafted back story (LOL), the intimacy of the actual proposal and then a surprise engagement party right after. You did THAT. Everything down to your speech broke my hard guy stance.
Thank you for the memories, yes there will be more of them, amen! God knows what my heart feels for you and what it has felt for you for years. I can’t wait to say yes everyday to us and to laugh way more together. Ps. I’m sure everyone can tell that food is our love language ?❤️ I love you to the SUN and back,
Your Fiancée Emzee

Here’s how their love story played out according to the bride-to-be, Annabel:

Deji had been a background figure in my life since we were kids. From being friends with my cousins and hanging out with my brothers but never meeting me, to becoming best friends with my favourite cousin. However by the time we actually met in University, we had no recollection of the threads and the many times we could have met and needless to say, we didn’t care much for each other. I thought he was too arrogant, he thought I was too colourful. We were never going to be friends. It was an unspoken agreement between us.

Flash forward to years after on my 23rd birthday, he saw me on the road of my house and we found out that we were neighbours (I know ? ). We got really close pretty fast. It was an innocent, honest and intimate friendship. We gave each other advice on relationships ( we were both in relationships then), spent a lot of time together, ate a lot of food, I even helped him through a really tough heartbreak.

His relationship ending brought a new and weird phase in our lives where new feelings started to evolve for both of us. So many lines became blurred and after a roller coaster of emotions, we parted ways. I ended my relationship as a result and he entered a new one. On my 25th birthday, we reconnected again, I was single and he was in and out of a relationship. It was different this time, not as emotional but we felt like we needed each other. I honestly can say I didn’t love him then but there was something that kept pulling us to each other. Then I got pregnant. More blurring of lines.

Everyone else could see what we couldn’t and suggested we just admitted and got married but we fought that too. It was obvious that we had to get together on our own terms. In the process of fighting as a United front against social norms, we fell into the most organic and beautiful relationship I’ve ever experienced. I’m a stubborn person, I couldn’t have or wouldn’t have found the love of my life on terms that were conventional. We started courting in private and when we couldn’t hold it anymore, we let our families and friends know and we got the many eye rolls and “ we’ve been saying this since you were friends”.

Thinking back, I’ve loved him since we were friends but honestly, neither of us were ready for what God had planned. It’s the weirdest and most unpredictable story and it’s definitely not the prettiest but it was fate (that’s what he said when he proposed) and the peace I feel, the laughter I experience, even the anger, it’s all woven and knitted in true and honest love. We can’t stand to be apart and he’s without a doubt the best wild card God ever threw me. He keeps me sane, I will definitely keep him wild.



Bride-to-be: @thebrowniegram
Videography: @nuviefilms
Dress:  @anthillbyenitan

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