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Black and Mustard are Definitely Traditional Engagement Colours

Traditional weddings are always filled with colours and that definitely is one of the beauties of the day. So we know that it might be difficult to decide on what colour to rock as the bride.

Over time black has been considered a non-wedding colour but lately, we have seen a change. Black is now really a super beautiful colour to rock. But if you are still not willing to do a full all-black look, then you might want to mix it with mustard. Yes, mustard! After seeing this beauty look for today, you will definitely agree that it is a beautiful colour mix.

You can see more bridal beauty looks here.



So which colour mix, will you love to rock?






Makeup: @oteniaramakeovers
Gele: @easygele_art
Jewellery: @beadsbyoludee
Asooke: @zeemiranda_crafts
Photography: @kennyeastphotography
Belle: @_mollygold

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