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Anniversary Dinner Turned Surprise Proposal! See The Sparks of Love in Blessing & Kennedy’s #BNBling

When you love someone, no length is too far just to ensure you see them smile. Kennedy was certain that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with his baby girl, Blessing. 😍

With the help of family and friends, he put together the most thoughtful garden proposal for his sweetheart. Blessing thought she was coming for an anniversary dinner but alas, she walked into a romantic decor and her prince charming went down on one knee, asking her to be his wife. Of course, she said ‘yes’ and it was a rush of sparks and butterflies! These lovebirds look so cute together and we are super pumped for them!

Enjoy their proposal photos below:

Here’s how Kennedy popped the question:

I was certain that I wanted to ask Blessing to marry me since December 2022. I knew she would love an intimate proposal with her closest friends present. So, I reached out to my friend Brenda who plans proposals amongst other events. I also reached out to two of Blessing friends, Edidiong and Livally to inform them about my plan to propose. I told my mom about my plans and she encouraged me to make it really special. She suggested the proposal to be on her birthday because she’ll be all glammed up. However, I knew Blessing wouldn’t want that.

Instead of proposing on her birthday, I scheduled a birthday shoot few days to her birthday, which also happened to be our one year anniversary. I reached out to the vendors for her dress and makeup and everything was set. I told Blessing the dresses were one of my many gifts to her for her birthday. After her birthday shoot, I told her I didn’t want the makeup and her dress to waste, so I would take her out to dinner since it was our one year anniversary.When we got to the location, she was confused 😂😂😂 and then I asked her to marry me and she said yes!

PS: she said yes to being my girlfriend on this same day, one year ago and she said yes to being my wife a year after.


Planner: @eventsbybrendaadehi
Makeup: @artistrybyrue
Jewellery: @kuyaie_


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