Feel Every Bit of Chidinma & Ugo’s Beautiful Traditional Wedding in Anambra

We did promise you rich display of beautiful tradition and culture on BellaNaija Weddings and we can say we are definitely delivering!


We really do love how each element of Chidinma and Ugo‘s Igbo traditional wedding which took place in the bride’s hometown, Osumenyi Nnewi in Anambra state beautifully detailed their culture. From their outfit to the decor…So beautiful! Oh, Chidinma’s dresses were equally stunning and regal.

You know what, go ahead and enjoy this feature. The couple also shared their love story and you can read all about it below.



Here’s how it all began according to Chidinma:

I remember being introduced to Ugo in fall of 2016, by Abigail. He was one of the guys who had ghosted us on our house hunt when we first moved to Nanaimo from Ontario. What was supposed to be an “ah see the person who scammed us o” became an instant “hmm I like this fine guy o”. While he and his friend went back and forth with blames, all I could feel was him being so respectful, warm and apologetic. They say you have a sense of something when you meet that one person.

Even though it took some FBI moves for us to eventually begin following each other on social media. When we did it, it was an immediate friendship. We’d often talk about the most random things, but never relationships, just yet. After months of cuddly moments, movie trips and hangouts, we had the talk which left us not speaking for a bit, because we were not exactly at the same place, as concerns relationships. Fast forward to March 2017, after a trip to Seattle with friends, we decided to fully give in to our feelings and officially began dating.

Here is Ugo’s side of the story:

The very first time I met Chidinma was when her friend, now our friend, Abigail introduced us at the school library. My friend had promised them accommodation, not me. I remember thinking how much she stood out, because of her natural afro hair. I loved it! We subsequently began hanging out, a lot. She even attended my graduation and got me one of the most thoughtful gifts which I still use.

The second part of the ceremony

I knew I liked her, I mean she was, and still is the kindest, most resourceful person with a really dominant personality. Plus she was a fitness nut, which meant I constantly had the pleasure of bumping into and checking her out at the gym. As our friendship grew, we eventually talked about relationships, where she made it clear that she didn’t want to play with anything casual. But at this point, I felt relationships were stress and I wasn’t ready. Was I ready to lose her though? Absolutely not… Flash forward to getting a ring. I call that a leap of faith. I got the ring in December of 2018 because I knew I definitely wanted her forever. All that was left was the right time to ask. I eventually did that in May of 2019, and she said yes.
The rest brought us here…


Here’s how Chidinma recalls her beautiful proposal:

With the help of our friends, he got me to a friend’s place under the guise of a send forth for him. I remember thinking something was weird because there were balloons floating around. While our eyes were closed for prayers, he got on one knee. I opened my eyes to Ugo, before me, with the most beautiful ring, asking me to marry him. I was so excited because we had definitely gotten to that point in our relationship, and I was so thankful he also wanted to do life with me. We have truly found best friends in each other, and we’re grateful to God for having brought us this far. To forever…





Bride: @chi_nma
Groom: @cloudmarshalls
Photography: @lucasugoweddings
Makeup: @y_glam
Bridal Styling: @thewardrobemanager
Groom’s Outfit: @jeffurbanclothing
Planner: @yk_events
Beads: @nenejewellryandcraft

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