Here’s Your Easy Guide to Hiring Your Wedding Photographer

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Before we get into today’s article, I hope you enjoyed my last article on the 7 tips on poses you can try out during your engagement photo session. Today I will be giving you guys a quick guide to hiring your wedding photographer. Whether you’re hiring a photographer for a wedding, a portrait, or any event,  there are factors that determine the photographer to hire.

Decide on your Budget

Just like any other thing., having a budget is essential. So you should have a budget in mind that you’re willing to pay to get the services of a professional photographer. Any professional would honour your budget, regardless of any amount, and would inform you on their range of services that can fit into that amount. So its best you have that in mind.

Decide on Your Style of Photography

Every photographer approaches assignments and events with a unique eye and infuses their creativity into the final product. You may want photos that are traditional, artsy, photojournalistic, natural-looking, posed, shot in a studio, shot on location, blurry, etc. So it’s best you find your own preferred style of photography. You can find a style of wedding photography by simply going online, checking out wedding content blogs and site, BellaNaija, Pinterest or simple typing “wedding photography styles”.


Decide on The Output Format You Want

If you’re hiring a wedding photographer, ask yourself, if you want prints, an album, or digital files? Photographers often base their prices on the final product they are expected to deliver, so it helps to have some idea of what you want. You can decide to go for prints if you absolutely need them. In some cases where photobooks are gifted to the parents, then your photographer needs to know. If you will be fine with just digital copies only, then let then them know this. Honestly, you can make a photobook anytime and anywhere. It will also help in saving costs.


Talking to Photographers

When you have probably checked out different photographers’ websites, Instagram and found some that you like (it is important to check this out, their portfolio is key). If you do like what you see, then move ahead with contacting them to discuss specifics. But while you may be desperate to ask about price, there are lots of other questions you might want to ask.

Here are a few questions to help get you started:

Are you available on the date(s) that I need?:  It’s sort of a no-brainer, but if he or she isn’t available then there is no point in continuing the conversation.

How would you approach a shoot like this?: Keep in mind, you’re not asking for a literal answer here. What you’re looking for is a reasonable and thoughtful answer that shows this person has the experience, is creative, can solve problems, and makes a plan. It is not always a “need to know” information but it helps.

Are you familiar with the venue or location where the photoshoot will take place?: If you’ll be working at a specific location, it helps to know if he or she has been to that place before. You may also ask if he or she would visit ahead of time to get a sense of the place. you can also share pictures or videos of the venue if the photographer doesn’t stay in the same city.

Do you have clients sign a contract and if so, can I read it ahead of time?: Contracts are sometimes overlooked, they are designed to protect the photographer and to protect you! It’s wise to agree on terms of a contract so that you and the photographer understand cancellation policies, terms of usage, limits of liability, overtime fees, travel fees, etc. It is very important to have agreements in writing to avoid ‘long stories”.


Don’t Forget Personality

Nearly as important as everything else is finding someone who you like, who is professional, and with whom you feel comfortable. the work may be amazing and beautiful, but if they come across as bossy, disorganized, or impatient, you won’t enjoy working with them. Only you can judge if someone’s personality suits you, so take the time to get to know each photographer you are considering before making a final decision. phone calls, facetime, or even zoom meetings come handy when you both aren’t in the same city.

I hope all of this information helps you find exactly the photographer you are looking for. Your photographer is out there!

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