7 Engagement Posing Ideas You can Try out During Your Engagement Photo Session

Hello everyone, Bedge here ? Super excited to be sharing my 7 tips on poses you can try out during your engagement photo session.

An Engagement Shoot is a great way to remember a couple’s pre-marital moments together, and it also is a great way for a couple and their photographer to bond and get to know each other.

As a wedding and engagement photographer, I have an opportunity to work with a diverse range of people, but most of them will not be professional models. in fact, most of my clients probably feel downright uncomfortable in front of the camera, and that awkwardness can show in the photos. It’s up to me to direct my clients into poses that make them look at ease and in the moment.

The poses in this article are selected as the initial reference. During a photoshoot do not hesitate to discuss with the photographer which pose is or isn’t working in any particular situation. it’s usually very productive and you both will feel more confident in what you are doing. OK, let’s start, one by one.

The first one is the hip-touch

The couple is touching at the hip, leaving no space in between them. Their hands shouldn’t lay flat by their sides, you wouldn’t want it to look boring. Have them hold hands or have the woman place her hand on the man’s chest. Do not forget, these are engagement shots so the engagement ring has to be seen at all times.

The second pose is called opened-up 

The couple stands separately, with their bodies facing the photographer. They can hold hands in the middle, this will create a feeling of connection between them. The man can stare at the woman to create that vibe of “checking your girl out”.

The third pose is called the stacked pose

In the case, the couple will have their bodies facing each other with little or no space in between them. The couple can stare at each other or right into the camera. Use this pose for a more intimate look. The couple can share a kiss or stare right into their eyes, it makes it look super intimate.

The fourth pose is called the dip

This is one of my favourites. Have the man dip the woman to the side, they can hold hands to make it look like they are dancing. It’s important he places his legs and hands the right way for support so he doesn’t look stressed.

The fifth pose is called the walk

The couple walks slowly towards the photographer in this one. They can be seen having a conversation and holding hands, it helps give the pictures a more intimate feel. This one is all about the candid moment.

The sixth pose is called the lead

This is like THE WALK but different, in this one, its made to portray the woman leading the man as the walk forward. The photographer can also get the shot from the man’s Point Of View. showing the woman from the man’s perspective.

The seventh pose is called kiss of love

My favourite of the bunch. Here you can have the woman place a kiss on the man’s forehead or vice versa. It’s important the photographer gets the shot with a light shining behind the couple, this will help illuminate the hair, making it glow and separate the couple from the background. This picture is made to portray love they share so it needs to be done right, having their eyes closed help.

Alright! so those are my 7 posing tips you can try out for your engagement photos.

Thank you so much!

Thanks for reading, and catch you on the next one.

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