First Friends, Then Lovers! Chinyere & Uche’s Civil Wedding Shoot is All The Beauty Your Day Needs

They say love can be found anywhere and how can we disagree? For Chinyere and Uche, love came knocking when they moved to a new city. You can catch up on their love story here in case you missed it.

Uche’s kindness fostered their friendship, giving love a sweet spot to nest. Now, these two have signed those dotted lines to a lifetime of love and we couldn’t be more pleased with how their beautiful story turned out. Their civil wedding shoot is a perfect blend of love and style and we are so obsessed! Each frame is bound to make you blush non-stop.

Enjoy their civil wedding photos below:


Bride: @chichi_onyekwum
Planner: @j.bassevents
Photography: @kennedyamaku
Set: @setsbyrenzows

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