Choosing your Bridesmaids Should be Easy… Bemi Explains How

Hey brides-to-be, you know you need your girls on your big day right! Imagine having no bridesmaids at all, umm but if having none works for you, then, please! But if you are like me, we definitely need how girlfriends to keep it on lock-down that day. Now, you just might have many friends and everyone really wants to be your train. Umm, how do I select your bridesmaids, what is the criteria? When you finally do, how do I appreciate them for being a special part of your journey?

If you are thinking gifts, then it’s good, Bemi shares in this video how she chose her girls for the day and a couple of gift ideas to appreciate them! Enjoy the video below:

Video: @bemi.a

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    December 31, 2018 at 9:08 PM

    Bellanaija is super awesome. I would be happy if I get the hall but I will be happier if I get financial supports.

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