Relish The Love, Beauty & Culture in Cynthia and Charles’ Wedding Video!

We love to see the pages of a love story unfold into something truly special. For Cynthia and Charles, it is the start of something magical as they exchanged their vows in a beautiful wedding ceremony.

The wedding morning is such a heartwarming moment and theirs laid a perfect foundation for a love-filled day! They said ‘I do’ in the presence of family and friends and it was a delight. They also repped their Yoruba and Igbo cultures in such a glamorous way. It was exciting to see the marital rites from both cultures performed in such an atmosphere of joy and fun. From the fashion to the music, and all the fun, there is so much more to enjoy about Cynthia and Charles’ wedding.

Enjoy their wedding video below:


Videography @maxwelljennings

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