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Paola Had The Most Memorable Experience Being Her Sister’s Maid-of-Honour! #DiaryOfABellaNaijaBridesmaid

Editor’s Note: It’s no news how much we love weddings! A very integral part of this grand day is friendship and community. Alongside the palpable love that lovebirds share, their friends’ excitement also adds so much colour to the big day – which is why, this holiday season, we’re choosing to highlight a special set of stars who bring colour to the big day – Bridesmaids!

As a sister of the bride, you definitely already have a lot on your plate to ensure that your sister has the best day she could dream of. Now, when you double as the maid of honour, it surely makes everything even more special. Paola had the biggest honour of being by her sister’s side on her special day and her sister, in turn, gave her the sweetest gesture. Read all about it in today’s episode! 

How many times have you been a bridesmaid?

I’ve been bridesmaid twice. (For my sister’s wedding, a maid of honor )

What do you think is the major role of a bridesmaid?

The major role is to be a support for the bride, helping set the mood before and during and after the wedding & keep the energy up.

What’s the highest amount of money you’ve spent as a bridesmaid? Give us a breakdown

So if I include transportation and logistics, it’s over 5000€

Fabrics for the wedding – 317€

Dresses for the wedding – 1482€

Makeup – 120€

Hair and nails – 889€

Accessories – 1545€

Hotel – 250€

Logistics was around 550€

Paola is the Envy in Green for her Maid of Honour look

Do you have any tips on being a bridesmaid on a budget?

Honesty & Transparency on your budget is the best policy. Keep your money organized with an excel spreadsheet .

What is your favourite thing about being a bridesmaid?

It’s an HONOR. It’s an important decision that any bride takes and it’s so special to know that she wants you by her side to live one of her biggest days.

They say a sister is the best friend that heaven gives you and we couldn’t agree more. Being a bridesmaid for her younger sister was a thing of honour and pride for Paola and her younger sister knew to make the day even more special. Paola tells us about that memorable experience. Continue reading…

What is your most memorable experience as a bridesmaid?

My sister’s wedding was my most memorable experience because I got to help from A to Z. As her big sister, I was so involved first because we lost our mom 12 years ago.. so I wanted Mummy to be proud of us. I was so emotional because instead of throwing the bouquet, my sister directly gave it to me. It means the world to me.

Any bad bridesmaid experience? Tell us about it.

Not really a bad experience. But I wish the wedding decorator did better and the planning and coordination could have been smoother as well.

Did you enjoy this episode as much as we did? We bet your answer is a solid yes. 🤭 We will be back next year with more bridesmaids and more interesting stories to tell! Stay with us

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