Extravagance Meets Simplicity in the Rivini FW22 Collection By Rita Vinieris!

Every bride is unique in her own special way and her big day is surely a great day to exude that uniqueness. One of the sweetest things for brides is to walk down the aisle looking as stunning as can be.

This latest bridal collection by Rita Vinieris, the Rivini FW 22 Collection highlights the individuality and beauty of brides. The collection consists of lush designs and rich fabrics from silk to jacquard and 3D laces. The dresses bring the essence of laid-back luxury in all its glory and so every dress is a perfect blend of simplicity and sophistication. If your big day is on the way, you certainly want to look through this collection.

Here’s how the design brand describes it:

Inspired by a new era where extravagance meets simplicity. Where the expression of individuality through little puffs of pleasure give a connection to the tangible world. Fall 2022 is about understated grandness in lush silks, textual jacquards and layered 3D laces. Voluminous ball gowns, sumptuous fit & flares and fluid sheaths gracefully envelop the body creating modern regal silhouettes of self-expression. It’s all about the celebration of individual opulence.

Check out the collection below:



Design Brand: @ritavinieris


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