These Celebrity Weddings Added Sweet Doses of Love to Our 2023 Calendar!

2023 came with its own magic and before we dim the stage lights, we want to take a minute to relive the joyous moments of various celebrities who tied the knot this year.

From breathtaking white weddings and colourful trads and beautiful vow renewals… All your faves didn’t fail to give us all the glitz and glamour. It was indeed a deluge of super sweet moments, exquisite fashion and of course… love! These star-studded unions had us stuck in ‘aww-mode’ all through the year and we certainly won’t be forgetting them in a hurry. So, join us to take a look at these 8 celebrity weddings.

P:S– This list is in alphabetical order and in no way created as a ranking list.

Anita (Real Warri Pikin) and Ikechukwu’s Vow Renewal

June welcomed us with loads of love… Courtesy,  Anita Osuoha, and the love of her life, Ikechukwu! After 10 beautiful years of marital bliss, they’ve decided to do it all over again, saying ” I do” once more in a breathtaking vow renewal. Ikechukwu also gave Anita the proposal she had always wanted with her dream diamond ring!

#ANIIKE2023 | Photography @felixcrown

 Ekene & Alex’s Wedding

Nollywood actress, Ekene Umenwa and the love of her life, Alex gave us butterflies with their beautiful love story. The couple who went from business partners to lovers sealed the deal with their dream wedding in Nigeria.

#EA2023| Photography @officialbigdealwedding

Inedoye & Made Kuti’s Wedding 

In November, the Nigerian Afrobeats singer  Made Kuti and his fashion baby girl, Inedoye had millions of hearts melting with their beautiful wedding. After their Intimate civil wedding in Lagos state, the couple gave us a Sweet Igbo-Yoruba merger with their traditional wedding ceremony.  Theirs is a wedding we will not forget in a hurry! 😍


Nkechi & Jay Jay Okocha’s Vow Renewal

Nkechi and Jay Jay Okocha celebrated twenty-five years of marital bliss in October. To mark this incredible milestone, they had a destination vow renewal in the Maldives and it was an absolute fairytale. The extra spice to this magical day was that it also happened to be Nkechi’s 50th birthday!

Omashola Oburoh and Britnee Malin‘s wedding

Reality TV star and actor Omashola tied the knot with the love of life, Britnee Malin, in a gorgeous wedding ceremony. The couple’s traditional wedding, church ceremony, and reception were all held in Lagos In December, and it was indeed a glamourous lovefest!

Simi Drey & Julian’s Wedding

The beautiful TV and radio entertainer, Simi Drey and her forever love, Julian gave us so much sweetness to drool over. Last year, the lovebirds had their intimate civil wedding in the countryside of Western Germany – near the village Julian grew up in. In May this year, they came to Simi’s home country. They had their fairytale white wedding along with their vibrant Yoruba trad that had us supper giddy for them!


Sunmisola Agbebi & Yinka Okeleye’s Wedding

June came with so much sweetness from Gospel ministers, Sunmisola Agbebi and Yinka Okeleye’s wedding. We absolutely can’t get over how the lovebirds created a lovely atmosphere with the worship session at their reception. Their wedding was nothing short of love, beauty, and everything in between.

Photography @yemikingsstudios

Ugochi Mitchel Ihezue and Nicholas Ukachukwu’s wedding

We were super giddy when the ever-gorgeous beauty queen and model, Ugochi Mitchel Ihezue announced her wedding date to the love of her life,  Prince Nicholas Ukachukwu. They exchanged their vows in a lovely white wedding in December which was followed by their rich Igbo traditional wedding.


This was indeed a beautiful year filled with so much love. We’ve also got some sweet #BNBling moments and Editor’s pick weddings that stole our hearts. Check them out! 😍

Dimma Umeh’s Garden Proposal

October came with exciting news!  Nigerian beauty and lifestyle content creator, Dimma Umeh announced her engagement to the love of her life and the excitement was off the roof! It was an intimate outdoor garden proposal and it was indeed beautiful.

Veekee James & Femi’s Proposal 

We could hear the jolly sound of wedding bells ringing as Nigerian fashion designer, Veekee James announced her engagement!  Her sweetheart, Femi planned a dinner date turned surprise proposal and every moment was absolutely magical!

Catherine & Osa’s Wedding

We really got to #MeetTheOscars all year long! Right from their pre-wedding shoot to their civil wedding and then traditional wedding,  Catherine and Osa never failed to leave us spellbound. They had the grand finale with a destination wedding in Mauritius and it was breathtaking!


#MeetTheOscars | Photography @bedgepictures

Chidi & Mow’s Nigerian-Tanzanian Trad!

Intercultural weddings are our all-time favourite!  Tanzanian prince charming, Mow came with his family to Delta state to seek the beautiful Chidi’s hands in marriage. It was indeed a burst of colours and a beautiful display of culture.

Photography @tosinjoshweddings

Hafsah & Michael’s Destination Wedding in Marrakech

After Hafsah and Michael’s beautiful Igala-Yoruba trad, the two lovebirds decided to take it up a notch with their white wedding in one of the most exotic locations on the planet. The ambience was absolutely breathtaking and we were left spellbound.

#ForeverHM | Photography@bedgepictures

Happiness and Nonso’s Igbo Trad

Just when we thought we had seen enough beauty with Happiness and Nonso’s pre-wedding shoot, they brought an overdose with their vibrant Igbo traditional wedding. You will agree that these lovebirds came prepared and their wedding was an absolute blast.

Photography @officialbigdealweddings

Khadijah & Lanre’s Wedding

We couldn’t stop drooling over Khadijah and Lanre’s Beautiful wedding! From the back-to-back slay to the love in the air, Their wedding was indeed one for the books. They also had a traditional wedding, highlighting Khadijah’s Jamaican heritage and Lanre’s unique Igbo and Yoruba culture and it was a blast!


#FromIdoToUdu | Photography @abayomiakinaina

Lemlem & Oluseyi’s Destination Wedding in Portugal

Eritrean beauty,  Lemlem found her Nigerian prince charming, Seyi and decided to go the forever route. Before their wedding, they had two days of non-stop fun with their adventurous pre-wedding shoot, welcome yacht cruise and cocktail rehearsal party in Porto Portugal. We absolutely can’t forget their sweet #BNBling in Paris

#FindingHappiness | Photography@joaoalmeida_fotografia

Moyo and Banji’s Lit Yoruba Trad in London

London was really not ready for Moyo and Banji’s lit Yoruba trad! The sweethearts brought all the love, fun and energy as they tied the knot in a glamorous Yoruba trad. Everything about this traditional wedding got us completely stoked.

#MoJaiye | Photography @timioshinstudios

Njideka and Peter’s Wedding

Njideka and Peter filled our hearts with so much warmth with their beautiful love story. They had a colourful Igbo-Edo trad which was followed by a glamorous white wedding ceremony.

#NJPeter23 | Photography @georgeokoro

 Sade & Afam’s Destination Wedding in Lake Como!

When the planner plans her wedding, you expect something absolutely magical! Sade and Afam had their perfect destination wedding in Lake Como! The exotic location, the dreamy ambience and the love in the air make it nothing short of beautiful… And yes, Sade planned her wedding! 😍

#AfamtasticDayForSade | Photography@stanlophotography

Zoussi and Debo’s Wedding

Zoussi and Debo all got us all drooling over the sweetness of love! They gave us a thrill with their lovely pre-wedding shoot and Congolese-Nigrian trad.  They also took us on a fun ride to Paris where they tied the knot in a beautiful white wedding

#ForBetterOrFrench | Photography @emmanuellaphotosgallery

It was indeed a sweet love ride with all our faves in 2023!

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