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A Mutual Friend Played Cupid – Now Happiness & Nonso are #ForeveriNHappiness!

Have you ever tried to shoot your shot at love and missed on the first try? Well, after reading Happiness and Nonso’s sweet love story, you might just get all the courage you need to try again!

Their beautiful story began when Happiness saw Nonso’s photo on a mutual friend’s WhatsApp status and made a comment. This lovely friend decided to play Cupid by sending her number to Nonso. A few dates and lengthy conversations later, Nonso tried shooting his shot but he missed…ouch! However, he was patient and didn’t give up on his quest for #findingHappiness. Now, they are on their forever journey and their pre-wedding photos are all shades of beautiful. We are uber-excited for these lovebirds and we bet their photos and sweet love story will certainly make your day!

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Nonso:

Sometime in April 2018, my best friend posted my picture on her WhatsApp story and Happiness told her that I am a fine boy. As a sharp best friend, she quickly gave me Happiness’s phone number saying, “there is this friend of mine, I think she is feeling you.” This was during my service year in Ibadan. I called Happiness and she answered. She was so nice – sweet voice. I had seen her Instagram and I was like, “this babe is fine!” So we started talking.

The talking stage lasted from April 2018 to February 2019. Fun times, I was in Ibadan, and she was in Lagos. Our first meeting was actually awkward, it was at ICM sometime in August. Happiness is finer in person, so I was already falling in love. It was awkward because my mom dropped me off, and at the end of the date things didn’t go accordingly. Our second date was in November 2018. I was back in Lagos.  It was at Leisure Mall, Surulere at the Cinema. Then we went on another movie date later that month (As money no dey, we dey manage ourselves.) My wife believes I charmed her because I didn’t really do fancy dates in the early days.

In 2019,  I finally told Happiness how I felt. I told her, “I really like you” and she said, “thank you.” I wanted to die. This was in early January 2019. Omo, I was heartbroken. In finding Happiness, you must be persistent so I didn’t give up. She chop my eyes but I chest am. That same January, I linked up with Happiness one evening at Leisure Mall and  Omo I still apply pressure 00. We saw a movie that day with a budget of under #6,000…Omo life was sweet.

As I said earlier, in this journey of Happiness. You must be persistent. So on the 31st of January 2019, I surprised Happiness at work. l just called her that I was at her workplace. I was forming Mr Intentional. I came with food too. Also, on Valentine’s Day, I got her cupcakes and a handwritten note (I have a very sexy handwriting). So, we went out on 17th of February 2019. It was a Sunday, I can never forget this day because it was the last Sunday of talking stage. The next day, we had a long conversation after work. Happiness finally agreed to be my Girlfriend after a series of questions, thank God for wisdom 00. I pass the test that night. The next day was full of so much joy, body bin dey sweet me I carry phone begin dey snap myself as person wey don get babe.

February 2019 – April 2019, We had the best times. We shuffled Leisure Mall and Festival Mall as our date venues. (Omo na better enjoyment be that those days oo. Cinema popcorn dey sweet abeg.) On the 28th of April 2019, (My birthday was the next day.) We were at Leisure Mall as usual then Happiness tells me we have to go pick up something for her sister, I didn’t know it was my birthday gift. (She bin surprise me, e too sweet.) Business was getting better, so we tried something new. 5th of May 2019, we finally did something different from seeing a movie. We went to Danfo Bistro…funny thing is that after the Danfo Bistro experience that day, we still found ourselves back at Leisure Mall, Surulere that same day (trenches bin no wan commot our body.) It is important to note, that we have communicated every single day since we started dating.


Bride @selmaleen
Groom @nonso_ok
Planner @dobizzy_concept
Photography @officialbigdealweddings | @bigdealoflagos
Bridal Stylist @selmaleen
Makeup @mosewabeauty_
Hairstylist @manisignaturee
Hairs @estilhairextensions

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