It’s a Smooth Love Sail With Lemlem & Oluseyi’s Welcome Yacht Cruise and Rehearsal Party!

Lemlem and Oluseyi have crafted a perfect fairytale and are set for the adventure of a lifetime.

Just before saying ‘I do’ they knew the perfect ingredient needed to make their special day even more magical was the presence of their loved ones. Lemlem and Oluseyi ensured they went full throttle, setting the stage for a thrilling destination wedding experience.

They planned an unforgettable welcome yacht cruise across the beautiful seas of Portugal for their lovely guests. The fun didn’t stop there. They knew just how to keep the party spirit soaring high with a cocktail rehearsal party! It was a perfect warm-up lap before the big day. It was such a delight seeing how they gave an opportunity for bonding between their family and friends. Keep scrolling to take in all the beauty for yourself.

Enjoy their welcome cruise below:


Lemlem and Oluseyi also had a cocktail rehearsal party and this is how it went:



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