Dale and Rotimi’s Traditional is Giving Us all the Reasons to Love Culture

One thing about Yorubas – they know exactly how to have fun! Celebrations are such a beautiful thing especially when it’s the celebration of love. Dale and Rotimi have us appreciating the gloriousness of Yoruba culture all the more as they tie the knot traditionally.

Dale and Rotimi who had us all mushy with their pre-wedding shoot and love story took their love to the next step and we’re absolutely here for all the love. With family, friends and well-wishers present, the two tied the knot according to the Yoruba traditions and it was a whole vibe! They proceeded to have a beautiful white wedding and you can totally enjoy all of that here. There’s so much to love and even much more to be thrilled about with Dale and Rotimi’s traditional engagement and you absolutely want to experience it all. From the rich display of cultural heritage to their sleek outfits, to all the joy that went found. The #BooLove21 is surely going to make your day!

Enjoy all the photos from their trad below.

Now, let’s move to Rotimi’s side of the morning preparations…

We’re just taking in all the chemistry… 🤭

It’s time for the ceremony to begin in ernest!

Now our dapper groom steps in with his squad to ask for his baby’s hand in marriage according to the Yoruba customs.

Alert! Super elegant bride approaching! 😅

Moments like this sure gets us in our feelings.

As the Yorubas say… “He who the cap fits has the bride!” 😅🤭

For their second appearance, the lovebirds took the statement “blue is royalty” quite literally and came through looking so regal!

Now, it’s fun all the way -classic Yoruba style!



Planner: @bankysuevents
Makeup: @facesbylabisi
Bridal Robe: @shebymobola
Asooke: @shadiat_alasooke
Gele: @gele_by_segunlagos
Decor: @torgeevents
Special effects: @sydeninteractive
Alaga: @ile_oko_ya | @sokoyokoto_
Cake: @heladodelicia
Invitation cards: @1704crafted
DJ: @djpizzle
Band: @eboniband
Photography: @keziie
Videography: @funpeosobu


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