The #DaDa21 Wedding Video Will Get You in Your Feelings

If you’re team “Hard guy”, you’re about to lose your seat at that table because of these lovebirds, Dami and Dami! Yes, they’re namesakes. 🤭

The lovebirds exchanged their vows, surrounded by love from friends and family. From the morning prep to the wedding ceremony and reception, the love and beauty ran through so freely. That sweet moment where the bride’s mom blessed her little girl has us dabbing on our tissues as it sparks such beautiful emotions. There’s just something so refreshingly calm and beautiful about this wedding video and we’re certainly taking in all the mushiness. If you’re a hopeless romantic like us, you’d absolutely enjoy this video. Now, if you’re not – just get ready, you’re porting to our team! 😅🤭

Enjoy the sweet wedding video below.



Videography: @thecabrand

Featured Image: @euclase_ltd

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