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It Started With a Birthday Wish & Now It’s a Matter of Forever for Abimbola & Olaseni

Love comes in diverse forms and in different ways. For Abimbola and Olaseni, it came through Abimbola’s uncle and Olaseni’s brother. With this, we’re still maintaining that the people in our lives who introduce us to bae are top tier! 😅

Olaseni got Abimbola’s contact through his brother who happened to be a friend of Abimbola’s uncle. Well, it all gets more interesting as he called to wish her a happy birthday. Abimbola tells us how one phone call spirals into many more and an eventual love journey. Keep scrolling to find out. As the couple takes things to the next level, they had this beautiful pre-wedding shoot and we can’t stop drooling. So much beauty and love being exuded, and we definitely love to see it!

Check out the lovely photos from their pre-wedding shoot below:

The #BBeeUnion21 love story according to Abimbola:

We met via his brother in America. His brother happens to be the friend of an uncle and they both decided to give him my number a week before my birthday.

He reached out to me on my birthday to wish me a happy birthday. One week after, he reached out again. That day, we spoke on the phone for over 4 hours and found out we had a lot in common.

A month later we met in London and there was no question that we both wanted to be with each other forever.  It has been amazing ever since!



Bride: @bee__dazzled
Planner: @elposh_events
Dress: @tabsatelier
Makeup: @bimpeonakoya
Hair: @tea.styles
Photography: @tosin_josh
Videography: @theweddingtv

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