Dami and Tobias Found Love Across Borders! #WaltzintoWolfgarten

When it comes to creating the perfect fairytales, it’s best never to doubt the veracity of love. Love is such a powerful force and it can defy barriers just to bring two people who are meant to be together.

Dami and Tobias are Cupid’s latest match! Theirs is love across borders where Nigeria, the United States and Germany blend in perfect symphony. They crossed paths during a fateful trip to Lagos and realised that they complete each other in every way.

Now, they are taking those beautiful steps to forever as they tie the knot in a lovely civil wedding ceremony. Dami rocked her chic dress with so much finesse and Tobias came through looking dapper. Their sweet love is so glaring and it is written all over their photos. We are so happy for these lovebirds as they get to live happily ever after!

Enjoy their civil wedding photos and love story below:

Their love stories as shared by Dami:

We had lived several lives across multiple continents. Just a few miles and years apart, our paths finally collided on one of my trips to Lagos. Sharing many things in common including idealism, empathy, passion, intellect, international development, career paths, faith, and the need for an egalitarian partnership, our love story began. Tobias describes me as the woman he couldn’t dare to dream of and I describe him as the man of my dreams, the one I prayed to God for. Scaling distance, time, and racial and cultural differences, we got engaged in June 2023 in Algarve, Portugal, while paragliding across the Atlantic Ocean together. Here’s to true partnership, friendship, and the greatest love stories of our lives!

Dami in all her beauty 😍

Let’s check out the dapper groom!

We can certainly feel the love!

Let’s take in the beauty of this decor 😍

Let the joining begin!

Signed and sealed!

Sealed with a perfect kiss!

Dancing to the tunes of love!

Here’s to happy ever after!


Event Coordinator: @busybeeeventsng
Bride’s Dress: @solacelondon
Purse: @bottegavenetaworld
Shoes: @sophiawebster
Makeup: @peaceibadin_mua
Hair: @adefunkeee
Jewellery: @swarovski
Bouquet: @adelasflowers
Fresh Flowers: @RFGardens
Event Coordinator: @busybeeeventsng
Event Decor: @truelovelane
Photography: @ladayobodunrinphotography
Videography: @dexfilmz

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