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Love in Paris! Diana & Raony Met at a Mutual Friend’s Birthday Party

When your friends keep trying to introduce you to someone, you might want to pay attention to them because you’re probably an introduction away from meeting the love of your life. 😍

Today’s love story is about Diana and Raony, two lovebirds who met at a mutual friend’s birthday party! The exciting thing about these two is that even before they met, they knew about each other because their friends never stopped mentioning how it would be great for them to meet. They eventually got a chance to meet at a party and Raony didn’t miss the opportunity to get Diana to sit close to him.

That singular act paved the way for their amazing love journey and is now paving the way to the altar! These lovebirds are ready to seal their love in style as they are serving us amazing pre-wedding photos straight from the architectural masterpieces of Paris. They look so perfect and we can’t stop drooling over their beautiful photos.

Enjoy their pre-wedding shoot and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Diana:

We met in June 2018 at Raony’s best friend’s birthday party. Before that, Our friends were all repeating that we needed to be introduced as both of us were single at the time. What’s intriguing about our meeting is that we kept crossing paths without really meeting each other. Whenever he visited our friends, I was unavailable, or when he left, my taxi would arrive. So, we had heard about each other without ever meeting in person.

On the day of our mutual friend’s birthday, there were no assigned seats, so we sat in the first available seats. Later, our friends told me that he had asked everyone to move so we could sit together because he was initially seated at the end of the table. We spent the evening talking and laughing, and it’s worth noting that you never get bored in his company. Time passed, and after a year, we moved in together. We got into a civil partnership after two years. Now, after five years of being in a relationship, we are finally preparing to get married in front of our families, friends, and the law.


Bride: @knowlesefron
Groom: @raonycs
Planner: @ced_eventdesign
Photography: @blawzstudios
Makeup: @phbeaute
Stylist: @_theperfectoutfit_by_d
Hair: @Houseofmaelle

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