This Double-Toned Asooke Will Add That Pop To Your Trad Look

Double tone asooke for the big day, sounds like a beauty!

If the plain bridal asooke does not describe you in any way then it’s fine because you can definitely tell you through yur outfit with double tone asooke. This styled shoot by a team of wedding vendors will inspire you to try this type of asooke plus the story behind the shoot is absolutely interesting.

Here’s the story behind the styled shoot by Aries Asooke:

A client requested for a double tone Asooke, but on arrival from my weaver, it wasn’t what I wanted at all. I became frustrated, scared and confused yet didn’t know what to do or how to go about it so I began to search for a plan B. However, I contacted the bride immediately and acquainted her with the present challenge, amazingly, she was so calm about it and instead picked a plain colour. I was super excited, you needed to see me, I was literally high, my joy knew no bound.


Not many days after, I kept staring at this Asooke with different questions running through my mind one of which was: what to do with the asooke. After a few minutes of silence, I eventually summoned the courage and gathered the creative set of vendors I had around me and we came up with this amazing shoot.


Makeup & gele@mo_dees

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