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Here’s how to Rock a Popping Red Lippie for Your Traditional Wedding

Traditional wedding ceremonies always come with a unique beauty and feel.

The bridal looks, hairstyles, accessories, and outfit contribute to the vibrancy of this event. So for our Igbo brides, we know just how important it is to absolutely nail your bridal look and this post is for you. Guess what drew to us it, the beautiful unique hairstyle and the blue eye.

You have to absolutely look your best that day and what better way to do that than with this beauty. The striking popping red matte lips and statement blue eyeliner.

Love it, let’s know in the comments.


Belle: @caston_jinnaiah
Makeup: @dumsyglowtouch
Hair: @juliberry_makeup
Beads: @Sophisticatedbeautyworld
Photography: @celebrity_feel

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