Ebele and Emeka’s Love Story will Make you Aww Non-stop

Guys, this love story is uber sweet.

The gorgeous Ebele and her love, Emeka‘s white wedding ceremony was filled with so many emotional moments. You are getting pretty excited, right?! The super cute thing about the couple is how they met and how Emeka described thought his bride was about five years older the very first day they met. Luckily for him, they are married now and that statement is now a funny thing to look back on.

Now back, to their white wedding, look out the moment when the bride’s twin brother walked her down the aisle and also became emotional when he handed her over in the church. We are sure you’ll be saying aww! But that’s not all, their traditional wedding was full of such happy moments as well (check it out here).

For now, let’s enjoy their love story by the bride Ebele.


The very first time I met Emeka, we were at my family house in Nigeria. Emeka had come around completely unplanned as he was accompanying my sister’s then-boyfriend (now husband). During the banter, I remember one of my sisters asked Emeka to guess our ages (bearing in mind I’m the youngest), this guy confidently promoted me to the oldest and added like decades on to my age lol (slight exaggeration – but definitely at least 5 years).

Then he tried to convince me it was a compliment! It was pretty funny watching him trying to backtrack! To this day, I still like reminding him how he basically told me that I look old and wrinkly within moments of knowing me! Ever the smooth talker lmao. I still married him though, look at God, won’t He do it.

The moment the bride’s twin brother got emotional when handing her over.

Even though it was a group setting, Emeka and I connected immediately. I vividly remember the feeling I got when he introduced himself for the first time and we shook hands and made eye contact.  I instinctively liked his vibe and I literally felt this energy between us. I liked how he was super authentic, down-to-earth, pure and quietly confident. He had no bravado, he was just super chill and funny.

Our connection was easy. We shared the same silly sense of humor and love for all things music and creativity. We literally spent the whole evening laughing and playing around. He was interested in my art and I was fascinated by his architecture. He was surprised that even with my British-co accent I still knew more about Afro beats than him.

When I returned to the UK, Emeka added me on Facebook and we started messaging every day. Eventually, I gave him my number and we started talking every day on WhatsApp. We would literally speak for hours throughout the day and spend the whole evening discussing until the early hours of the morning.

He became my best friend who I could talk to about anything. We would speak in the morning before work, on my way back from work and the evening before bed. On birthdays and our anniversaries, Emeka would send me gifts and special videos.



Bride @ebyoligboh
Photography: @bedgepictures

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