Love was at the Centre of Ebele & Emeka’s Traditional Wedding

The Igbo traditional wedding will always be a beauty and delight to see.

That’s exactly how we feel with Ebele and Emeka wedding, so full of love, joy and definitely not lacking the indigenous rites of their culture. But hey, what do you expect when two lovebirds of the same tribe unite? Yup, exactly our thought!

You need to know, that Ebele is not your conventional bride, we love how she totally brought in her style and personality to her first outfit for the day. Her groom, Emeka wasn’t left behind in his looks and together they looked dope. Right after this wedding, they moved to get the church blessings on their union and umm, you don’t want to miss it.

Thankfully, the bride Ebele shared their love story and you should read how they met on the white wedding feature and read their proposal story here. Enjoy!



On his 34th birthday, I created a bucket list of 34 things we would do together and places we would see. One of them was swimming lessons, which we did together when I visited Abuja. At first, I wasn’t 100% sure about entering into the commitment, but my husband was patient, kind and steady. He always said he knew we were meant to be together.

He never had a single doubt about our future together and never stopped taking the steps to give me the same confidence. One of the main things that really stood out to me about my now husband is how thoughtful he is. On the 14th of  March 2016, Emeka’s birthday, he chose to spend it with those in need and to bring his birthday cake to people who were lonely in hospital. I remember thinking how his kindness reminded me of my father and grandfather. I knew he was the kind of man I wanted to be with.

We got engaged January, 4th 2018 at a Waterfront Bar in Lagos, Nigeria. I had left Anambra State (where my family home is located) to go to Lagos and we had planned for Emeka to come with me. However, before I left Anambra, Emeka had told me he needed to rush back to Abuja for work at the last minute and could not come with me to Lagos.

 I was distraught because I thought I might not see him again before I returned to the UK. However, he was planning to propose and had planned a special surprise which he has communicated with one of my closest friends who is based in Lagos. On the evening of 4th of  January 2018, I was out at the Waterfront Bar with my friend, my sister and her partner. I didn’t know Emeka was coming.

So, when he arrived, I was completely surprised and emotional. Our favorite song at the time, John Legend ‘You and I’ was playing when he knelt down and asked me to be his wife. I couldn’t actually hear what he said because the music was so loud, and we were both nervous! But I saw the most perfect ring and his mouth moving, so I didn’t hesitate to say yes!!! I am generally quite indecisive but choosing to be Emeka’s wife was the easiest.


Red dress: @msmakor
Groom’s outfit: @victorstiff
Decor: @instinctdecor15

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