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Blue is Definitely a Traditional Engagement Colour to Rock

Dear bride-to-be,

We know that planning a wedding comes with making a lot of decisions ranging from venue to the smallest details. That’s why we have chosen to help focus on one of those decisions- which is the colour to rock for your traditional engagement as a Yoruba bride.

One look at this bridal beauty by makeup artist, Edens Glam and we were reminded why blue makes a worthy traditional engagement colour. Why? Blue in a wedding represents a relaxing and peaceful mood. Now that definitely sounds like how you as a bride will love to feel in that day.  Looking at this bridal beauty look, the makeup artist did give us a glimpse of that and a little more with the detail on the eye and glossy lippie.

See photos of this beauty look below and let us know what you love about it in the comments.




Makeup: @edens_glam
Gele: @mbartistryy
Jewelry: @ordawyse_jewels
Asooke: @twentyeight02asooke

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    January 7, 2021 at 1:24 PM

    Cute blue

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