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Looking for an Alternative Gele Style for Your Big Day? This Is For You

Almost every day, there’s a new beauty look and it’s likely to get confused. However, the beauty in having options is in finding and understanding your uniqueness!

This traditional bridal beauty look by Edens Glam is refreshingly calm and soothing to the eyes. The glam so beautifully finds that balance between bright and colourful, and natural and elegant. The beautiful asooke is also something to love. We absolutely love the simplicity of this look. Now, if you’re a Yoruba bride-to-be who loves calm colours and simple classy looks, then this look is for you.

If you are looking for another way to rock your gele, then you might want to check out this alternative gele style. We bet that if you rock this look on your traditional engagement, you’d get that sweet bridal charm. What do you say! ?



Makeup: @edens_glam
Asooke: @oyiz_asooke
Jewellery: @ordawyse_jewels
Gele: @andras_gele
Belle: @_petitemodels

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