Onyeka Reconnected With His High School Mate On Facebook and Fell In Love!

Hearing stories of people reconnecting with individuals from their past always gets us in high spirits. Even more exciting when this reunion leads to a sweet fairy tale. 😍

Efe and Onyeka used to attend the same secondary school and were just mere acquaintances. However, they got separated by distance and completely lost touch. All thanks to Facebook, they reconnected years later and gradually, their relationship evolved into a classic rom-com.

Now, they are riding on the wings of forever as they exchange their vows in a lovely white wedding ceremony. Efe looked absolutely radiant and Onyeka made a dapper groom. They also repped their Igbo root at their reception and it was such a delight to witness. We are so excited for these two who found love in such a magical way.

Enjoy their white wedding photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Efe:

Onyeka and I met at Excel College Ejigbo, Lagos in 2004. I was in JSS 1 (7th grade) and Onyeka was a boarding student while I was a day student. We would exchange pleasantries in the hallways when we walked past each other, but nothing more because he was my senior, a β€œboarder boy,” and I was a “day girl.” After completing JSS3 (9th grade), my family and I relocated and Onyeka became a distant memory. One day I received a friend request from him on Facebook and I thought to myself… Hmm, how did this boy find me and why is he adding me? We were cordial back in school so I went ahead and accepted his friend request.

Here for the radiance, Efe is serving 😍

We chatted on Facebook for a little then ended up exchanging phone numbers. We talked a lot! We would video call each other on Skype, and we did not allow the time difference between both continents to affect our rate of communication. We became best friends in no time. We continued our friendship for a while but lost touch for about a year while we were in university. We later got back into the groove of our friendship, and in 2014, I asked him to join my cousin and me on a trip to Dubai. He obliged and came with his cousin, and on that trip, he asked me to be his girlfriend. I declined his request with my full chest (I know, I know lol), but we were young and I was not sure of how this intercontinental relationship would work.

In 2015, when I visited Nigeria, I asked if he was still interested in his request for me to be his girlfriend (my shakara was plenty lol). I was still not sure how this relationship would work, but I liked him a lot and he was/is my best friend, so why not? We dated for almost a year before things broke off and we both went about living our lives. We did not talk often, but we called each other on our birthdays and some holidays. That was our little way of staying in each other’s lives and preserving what was left of our friendship.

Talk about a stunning squad 😍

Fast forward to 2021, I was going to visit Nigeria for Christmas (Detty December) and I reached out to him with questions regarding a place he had visited. Onyeka proceeded to ask me if I was single or not (his exact words being “You get Bobo?”) before my arrival. I was curious as to why he asked me that question, so I asked him who was asking and his response was “My emotions” lol. I said I was and we basically picked things back up from where we left them back in 2016. We got engaged in May 2023, and here we are now, 20 years later, ready to spend the rest of our lives together!

A sweet mother-daughter moment 😍

All set for the big day 😍


Let’s check out the dapper groom 😍

This first look moment has us in our feelings 😍

Let’s begin with the bridal entrance 😍

Time to be joined together in holy matrimony

Now Mr and Mrs!

Let’s take in the beauty of this outdoor decor

We can’t get enough of these lovebirds 😍

Let’s get the reception started!

Lovebirds coming through in style!

Let’s have some fun reception games!

What’s a celebration without cake?

The sweet mother-son dance

Daddy’s little princess 😍

Dancing to the sweet tunes of love 😍

The second outfit slay with some traditional twist 😍

Give way for the fine lovebirds! 😍

The after-party slay we signed up for!

It’s all fun from here! 😍



Bride: @miss_lota
Groom: @onika.j
Planner: @tanachevents
Makeup: @peaceibadin_mua
Hairstylist: @hairbybube_
Wedding dress: @lacharisnigeria
Reception dress: @scissoredbyesse
Photography: @adigunweddings
Videography: @oohjayfilms

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