It’s a Nigerian-American Fusion! Linda & Deen’s Trad Was All Shades of Fun

It’s always beautiful to see how love unites people of different cultures and backgrounds. Today, Linda and Deen are giving us a perfect blend of love and culture with their vibrant Yoruba trad.

The American groom came with his family to ask for the hand of his Yoruba sweetheart in marriage. Linda looked absolutely beautiful in her asooke outfit and Deen sure repped the Yoruba culture in his regal agbada. Right from the wedding morning to the ceremony, the atmosphere was filled wit infectious joy! You should totally look out for the couple and their squad’s dance entrance…we bet you’ll be moving your feet as well! Linda and Deen’s wedding video is bound to make your day!

Enjoy their wedding video below:


Videography @teamdfams

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