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Ehinome Said ‘Yes’ To Her College Sweetheart, Daniel! Enjoy Their Beautiful Proposal Photos

When it comes to finding love, one thing we’ve come to understand is that nothing happens by chance. Every encounter leading up to the moment you set eyes on that person all happens for a reason.

Daniel didn’t know that his transfer to a new college would come with the most beautiful gift ever, Ehinome. Well, cupid was certainly plotting something sweet behind the scenes and the first time he set eyes on her, he knew she was the one for him. They’ve spent the past years growing deeper in love with each passing day and now we can hear the jolly sound of wedding bells!

Daniel went down on one knee, asking his baby girl to marry him and she said ‘Yes!’ Their indoor proposal was perfect and they had an engagement party to celebrate this new beginning with their loved ones. We can sure feel the love and happiness in the air and we are super pumped that love found these two! 😍

Enjoy their proposal photos and love story below:

Their love story as shared by Ehinome:

In Daniel, I found someone who complements me in every way. His unwavering love, support, and admiration for me are evident in his words and actions. Over the past ten years, we’ve built a strong foundation of trust, understanding, and companionship, weathering life’s storms together and celebrating its joys as a team. I’m so excited to spend the rest of my life with my man because I couldn’t imagine a future without him. His love fills my heart with warmth and happiness, and together, I believe we will conquer anything life throws our way. Daniel, I can’t wait to spend a lifetime of love, laughter, and adventure with you.

Their love story as shared by Daniel:

On the day I proposed to Ehinome, I found myself overwhelmed by her beauty. I couldn’t help but reflect on the incredible journey we’ve shared over the past 8 years. From the moment I first laid eyes on Ehinome in college, I knew she was the one. It was as if destiny had brought us together, guiding me through school transfers and chance encounters until our paths finally crossed. Our college days were filled with adventures and countless hours spent together, but our journey didn’t end there.

We have leaned on each other as we embarked on our adult lives. Ehinome has always been there to encourage, motivate, and pray for me. Her kindness, generosity, and unwavering strength have been a constant source of inspiration. As we’ve navigated life’s ups and downs together, we’ve created countless memories and overcome countless obstacles. Ehinome is my soulmate and my best friend. As we embark on this new chapter together, I know that our love will only continue to grow stronger with each passing day. Here’s to a lifetime of adventures, laughter, and love. Ehinome, I can’t wait to spend forever with you.

Ehinome and David also had an engagement party. Here’s how it went 😍


Event planner: @thetbjexperience
Event coordinators: @llxexperience | @abichelso
Proposal designer: @nikksevents
Engagement party designer: @luxeambiance
Makeup: @beatsbyhan_
Hair: @_therylook
Photography: @fransorm_weddings
Videography: @modernafrican
Content creators: @payecreations
Violinist: @marvillousbeats
DJ: @swaveydontsleep
Rentals: @dalissaeventspartyrentals
Photobooth: @yourfavephotobooth
Bartender: @2jadeddrinks | @classybartenders
Cake: @frostedbyglo
Nail tech: @srirachanails
Venue: @luxeambiancestudio

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