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Michael Was Sure That He Had Found a Wife in Ella!

See love is sweet o!

The beauty and love radiating from this amazing couple, Ella and Michael is just all we need for today. Right from when they met, they became best friends and Michael made his intention known immediately. He saved her name as “Mrs Akins” (pronounced A-kins) on his phone and the first time he met her mum- he introduced himself as her husband. Pretty interesting, right?!  The bride-to-be, Ella shared their sweet love story and you definitely just want to read from her.

So here’s how their sweet love story as told by the bride-to-be, Ella:

Micheal and I were best of friends when we met, we would talk all day and all night. I couldn’t start or end the day without him. We would talk about our plans for the future, he would tell me how he wanted his home to be and I would tell him how I wanted mine to be. We had similar dreams, goals and plans, I loved his ideas about the future, about his family. The pictures and thoughts were beautiful and amazing in my head.

We could relate to so many things, there was a really strong connection between us. I would finish his sentences before him, he could tell what I was thinking even before I said it. He asked when I’d love to get married, I told him one of my goals was to be married and have my first baby before 25, have all my kids early so I can still be young and very strong to run my home. I honestly didn’t think that was possible anymore, but He just replied: “done, let’s make it happen”.

He told me that we were going to get married. And I was like “if I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this”. I liked the thought of it but I usually just laughed it off, to not get ideas in my head. We got even closer, and whenever he introduced me to anyone, he would always say “meet Ella, my wife”. And I’m like “oh please” or “yeah right”. He saved my name as “Mrs Akins” (pronounced A-kins) on his phone and hung my portrait in his living room.  He made himself a part of my family, got close to my siblings, went straight to my mum to tell her I was his wife already. Fast forward, he came to see my parents straight up and told them his intentions. Next thing, he came with his people to my parents and that’s when I knew everything was getting real. And I was like, okay it’s official, he is getting married to me without asking me.

He invited me to an event, I wasn’t happy he told me to go there to wait for him when we were supposed to get there together. On arriving at the venue, I walked into the most beautiful proposal ever, and it was my proposal. I literally froze and was speechless at the lengths he would go just to make me happy. He said to me in my ears “did you think you were never going to get a surprise proposal? I know it’s what you love” I was shaking and controlling a thousand emotions. I held on to him for as long as I could for fear of losing my balance. I said yes to forever with Michael.

Micheal is sweet, hardworking, goofy, caring, thoughtful, he always joins me to pray, he puts me first, and most importantly, he gets my vibe and his energy matches mine (I could be over-energetic sometimes). We’re so vibrant, fun and full of life, whenever we work together, we make magic. That gave us the “power couple” theme for our pre-wedding shoot. He made my dreams come true and making me feel like a Princess, so we added the fairytale touch. We had a shoot that depicted strength and sweetness. Whoever God has ordained for u, no one can stop it, whoever is for you, is definitely for u. You don’t have to try to fit into anyone’s role, you don’t have to change the way you look or act to find the right person. Put God first and the rest would fall into place.



Photography: @felixcrown
Makeup: @ariyike_mua
Styling: @magpayne1
Hairstyling: @abbeymattheworks

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