The Grand Cathedral Collection by Esé Azénabor Will Def Give You That Wow Effect!

We love to see brands push the narrative in every way.

Bridal designer, Esé Azénabor has just done that with her 2021 bridal Haute Couture collection- Grand Cathedral. Each dress was made for the modern bride with a flair for the extravagant. The attention to detail, big trains, detachable skirts and sophisticated fabrics used, created such a unique collection that you won’t want to pass on any of the dresses. She also delivered a 3D bridal show and you can see all the amazingness from that here.

Here’s a brief description of the collection by bridal designer, Esé Azénabor:

Introducing our 2021 Bridal Haute Couture collection – Grand Cathedral. Throughout history, cathedrals have represented both immense power and beauty. With this collection, we tap into that confluence and explore the magnificence of details and measured opulence. Presented here in 3D, these 4 pieces from #GrandCathedral, are a celebration of craftsmanship; a call to the modern bride with a flair for the extravagant. One who’s not afraid to take up space, ever graceful and timeless.




Dresses: @eseazenabor
CGI Virtual Runway: @odacreative

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