You’re in For a Blast With Fadekemi and Olufemi’s Yoruba Trad

Fadekemi and the love of her life, Olufemi have made it a point of duty to always make us blush and we love it!

They had their traditional wedding in the presence of their family and friends and each moment of their day was truly special. Fadekemi made a gorgeous first appearance in her green asooke outfit and Olufemi was not left out. He rocked his agbada elegantly, repping their lovely Yoruba culture. Theirs was a smooth blend of colours, culture and of course, a whole lot of love . Trust us, you definitely want to get on this exciting love train. Keep scrolling and take in all the beauty for yourself.

Enjoy their traditional wedding photos below:

Fadekemi looking all glam in green 😍

Talk about a stunning formation! 😍

Let’s check out the dapper groom!

Aww! This first look is giving us all the butterflies of love!

How you show up to seek your baby girl’s hand in marriage!

Give way for the fine groom!

Time for the Idobale as the Yoruba culture demands

Now, we await the bride!

Here comes the bride in all her beauty! 😍

Heartfelt prayers from mum and dad

Time to meet the groom’s family 😍

It’s a warm welcome!

Fadekemi has got a befitting fila for her sweetheart!

It fits perfectly!

A symbol of our undying love

Now Mr and Mrs!

Here’s to happy ever after!


Bride @fadeke.s
Groom @upanddownfellow
Planners @tessallureevents
Makeup @oshewabeauty
Gele @ife_gele
Asooke @gop_asooke
Outfit @carnationsbyjuliana
Shoe & Purse @talia.s_armoire
Hair stylist @tobbiestouch
Wedding dress @toshowoods
Bouquet @lovebugflorist
Photography @bedgepictures
Videography @otusally
Wedding designer @btgdecor
Wedding venue @themonarcheventcentre

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