Time to #MeetTheFenwas! You’ll Absolutley Enjoy Every Bit of their Wedding Video 😍

For every wedding we witness, every love story ever told, there’s a new side to love we probably didn’t know. There’s just something so uniquely spectacular about two people from different worlds coming together and merging those worlds into one beautiful universe. Today, we’re taking in all the excitement and beauty of this luxurious wedding of The Fenwas.

The lovebirds, Naomi and Oluwadamilare got to their final bus stop and decided that it had to be forever. So, in the presence of loved ones, family and friends, they took their vows to become one unit. From the start of the day to the party, this couple gave us so much to be thrilled about. Our gorgeous bride Naomi was nothing short of flawless as she and her dapper groom tied the knot.

Now you already know when it’s time to turn up, Nigerians take the front row! The reception was nothing short of a movie. The vibes and energy were literally off the roof. The bridesmaids, groomsmen and grooms lady came prepared to bring all the fun and they did! You absolutely want to see for yourself, how amazing this wedding was.

Enjoy the wedding video below:



Videography: @maxwelljennings

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