He was My Long Time Bae! This Love Story Will Tug at Your Heartstrings

Talk about speaking what you want into existence.

Fatima and Mukhtar‘s love story is a beautiful story of having your words come true. Mukhtar mentioned that Fatima would be his wife someday about five years ago and now that statement did come true. Never mind, we’ll leave you to their love story from the bride herself.

See pictures of their pre-wedding shoot below.

 Mukhtar and I met through his younger sister on his birthday, 29th of March, 2012. She was always talking to me about him, telling me how nice and how much of a gentleman he is. I never knew it was a trick she used until the day she finally opened up and told me wanted to introduce me to her elder brother. We exchanged contacts with each other then eventually became friends, although, the friendship didn’t go on smoothly as it was on and off.

I remember on a fateful day, Mukhtar, my husband, out of humor said he’d marry me someday and I quickly turned the conversation to a joke and we carried on talking still as friends because I was too shy to engage in the “marriage talks”. To be frank, all this while, I knew Mukhtar had something special for me but I waited for time to tell.

Fast forward to 2013, Mukhtar and I started dating and everyone was amazed that the two lovebirds have finally started “dating” after a long period of time. So it is safe to say Mukhtar is my long time bae. We finally got engaged last year November, which is an unforgettable moment and the happiest day between both of us.

We became official according to our religious rite which is also known as Gaisuwa in Hausa. His family came to ask for my hands in marriage. It was the day my parents formally accepted his parents proposal for me to be his wife.

Truly and surprisingly, Mukhtar’s words and intention 5 years ago has turned to be a beautiful reality I have never thought of.


Bride: @fatima_danali
Groom: @mukhtar_aa
Makeup: @hermosaa_ng
White & Gold Dress: @styletemple
Purple Lace Skirt & Blouse: @hudayya
Set Design: @kaim_events
Photography: @bighweddings

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