Feyi and Femi’s Yoruba Trad Was a Burst of Love and Beautiful Culture!

The colours, the culture, the people… everything about Yoruba weddings always leaves us in awe. Feyi and Femi decided to rep their roots with their vibrant traditional wedding and it was all shades of beautiful.

Feyi showed up serving sheer elegance in her outfits and Femi made a super suave groom. Their family and friends came through with infectious energy and we could feel the pumped atmosphere by just staring at their photos. It was such a delight seeing the wholesome blend of love and culture at their wedding. They look so perfect together and we are absolutely rooting for them.

Enjoy their traditional wedding photos below:

Feyi in all her beauty

Sweet doses of love and beauty!

Let’s take in the beauty of this decor before we begin!

The groom is here for his bride!


Here comes the gorgeous bride

Time to be sent to the groom’s family!

It’s a warm welcome!

Feyi has got a befitting fila for her sweetheart!

Joined together as one!

Feyi was a stunner in her second look!

Let’s check out the dapper groom!


All the feels of love!

Talk about a lit squad!

We can’t get enough of these lovebirds

Give way, lovebirds coming through in style!

Let’s have some fun reception games!

The sweet mother-son dance

Daddy’s little princess

Dancing to the sweet tunes of love


Cake s sweet as our love!

It’s all fun from here!


Makeup: @bimpeonakoya

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