You are in For an Exciting Ride with Fisayo and Olabiyi’s Yoruba Trad!

Yoruba Traditional engagements are a whole vibe and we can’t love them any less. And when it’s two soulmates getting hitched, the excitement is always off the roof!

Fisayo and Olabiyi tied the knot in a vibrant Traditional engagement and it was an absolute delight. The ceremony started off with performing the cultural rites according to the Yoruba culture. Fisayo looked golden in her elegant asooke outfit and  Olabiyi came through looking dapper – both repping their Yoruba culture to the fullest.

They later switched to fun mode with their lit wedding reception and we could feel the love and excitement in the atmosphere. Their traditional wedding was an absolute blast and you definitely want to get on this exciting love train.

Enjoy their traditional wedding photos below and see their white wedding here:

It’s Fisayo’s glow for us! 😍

Because every bride needs her best girls 😍

Let’s check out the dapper groom!

When the squad is a lit one!

This sweet first look is giving us butterflies 😍

Premium doses of love and beauty 😍

Such a fine squad! 😍

Time to do this the Yoruba trad way!

Here comes the dapper groom!

Time to do the traditional Idobale as the Yoruba culture demands

Now we await the bride 😍

Here comes the gorgeous bride!

Paying respect the trad way!

Time to meet the groom’s family 😍

Befitting fila for the groom 😍

It fits perfectly! 😍

Awww… A sweet present for the bride

Sealed with a perfect kiss

Now Mr and Mrs!

The second outfit slay we signed up for!

The lovebirds serving premium looks! 😍

Sweethearts coming through in style!

Dancing into happy ever after 🥰


Planner: @zapphaireevents
Bridal Stylist: @thestyleinfidelstudios
Bride’s 1st outfit: @shadiat_alasooke
Bride’s 2nd outfit: @mazellebridal
Groom’s 1st outfit: @shadiat_alasooke
Bride’s Makeup: @olawande_mua
Gele: @sammyinventions
Photography: @tosinjoshweddings
Cake: @berylcakes
Decor: @blue.ribbonevents
Special Effects: @sydeninteractive

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