This Bride and Her Girl Squad took all the Fun to Her Bachelorette Party in Mexico!

Bachelorette parties are just so cool. When your big day is coming up soon, you know you want to turn it all up with your favourite girls as you create some last-minute memories with your girls as a single woman before your “I do”.

For this beautiful bride, Funi, she and her girls took it all the way to Mexico! Now when you’re having a destination bachelorette, you know you’ve got to create magic. Funi and her girls got the memo, and they did create magic. This video of the hot girl squad having their fun is giving us all kinds of ginger. They had a little choreography, all dressed up in camouflage and it’s everything about the video for us.

From their synergy to the sleek dance moves and of course their outfits and the overall beauty in this video… Everything just makes it worth watching over and over again. Here’s a hint. Whilst you watch, you’ll definitely find yourself bopping along with the beats and moving with their flow. We absolutely love the wholesomeness and pure vibes and love being exuded in the video. We’re certain you will too.

Enjoy the video below:

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