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#TheHappyUnion Love Story + Pre-wedding Shoot will Make You Smile

When the hashtag says #TheHappyUnion, we already know that we will be smiling through!

Funmi and her forever love, Happy met way back in the University. Five years after, they are gladly walking down the aisle to the beginning of their forever. We know you want to know the full gist, well keep scrolling to read their love story and proposal by the couple.



Here’s how their love story started according to the bride-to-be, Funmi:

I met my Happy at school. I was walking down with my friend when he walked up to me and asked for my contact, I gave him easily because the particular friend with me always complained of how tightened up I was and how I snubbed guys a lot. After giving him my contact, he didn’t call for three days, I was angry in fact I regretted giving him my contact? .  He finally called the fourth day and asked if I wanted to go out ( I already sensed the bad guy vibes) but I went through, had a couple of drinks with him and his friends, then he dropped me at my friend’s hostel.

The next day he invited me over to his place and that was the day our love journey started. It was like a wind of emotions was blowing around his place, we talked for hours, we discussed our past, our fears, where we were at, our plans for the future ( the future was NYSC then) we basically touched each area of our lives. What captivated me was the fact that I could feel through his innermost spirit, it was as if I knew him already, there was so much calmness as he spoke. I don’t know how but  I just knew there was something special about him right there and then.


Fast forward to four years after, here we are today, I believe God aligned us together that day for a greater purpose because we share a lot of similarities together and despite all that we accepted each other, love each other unconditionally and respect one another. I love the fact you put me first in whatever you do Happy. You have been an amazing man to me, I would never trade you for anything. Cheers to forever.


Here’s how Happy popped the question:

After the second year of our relationship I knew that she was the one for me, she is sweet, loyal, smart, caring and possesses all the Five Love Languages and I was definitely looking forward to a very nice moment to propose but that moment never came. On our third relationship anniversary, I was so ready to pop the question but my lovely Funmi was having a running stomach after eating some delicious Seafood at a restaurant in Cape Town so that days passed by.



Fast forward to our fourth year of relationship I told myself I must get it right this year,  so i decided to place an order for the ring right away and behold Covid-19 came and we got stuck at home togethe. I knew these pandemic times was just the right time to get done with this and on one fateful day after having a fake argument with her(I planned to piss her off that day tho ) waited for about an hour, walked up to her and popped the question on my knees and she screamed and said YES, YES, YES. Here we are having our wedding on the 5th of September,2020.


Planner: @tessallureevents
Photography: @bedgepictures
Videography: @kolefilms
Makeup: @peaceibadinmua
Hairstylist: @adefunkee

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