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Primary School Love Turned to Forever Love for Oluwaseyi & Tobi

Oluwaseyi and Tobi had always had their eyes on each other, right from their primary school days. Yes, primary school. They attended the same school and always found out they were around each other. After a couple of years, this elementary love between them is transitioning into happily ever after.

The bride-to-be, Oluwaseyi tells us all about it and we know it is way better to hear directly from her. While you read, also see pictures of their prewedding shoot below.

Here’s how this beautiful love story started according to the bride-to-be, Oluwaseyi:

It started about 20 years ago when we met at primary school. He was in primary 2, I was in primary 1. I met him without his 2 front teeth? and we had both joined the school choir, where he learnt to play the keyboard and I learnt to sing. That was when we became aware of each other, despite not being in the same class.

We had a lot of activities together at school; we were in the same sports house (orange house) and somehow also in the same extracurricular club. (i still think he did work this one) then, boy scouts and brownies used to meet at the same time and hall, and he had initially been in the taekwondo club, but then ‘ported’ to boy scout, (sharp boy saw a potential babe ??), so we always saw each other.

After school, we would also play ‘police and thief’ together until we got picked up by our parents. One of the tunes he first learnt was “blue moon”, a tune that fast became my personal favourite. We lost contact for some years after school and I still always found myself humming the tune at odd times, it was my constant reminder of him.

 I guess God was trying to keep him in my mind. When we reconnected, we became so fond of each other that we became best friends, and after a few years of awesome friendship and love, we’re walking down the aisle!



Groom: @tobi_b_owope
Photography: @awgzzz
Gift Registry: @mywishlistng
Planner: @twcevents
Dress: @24diamondss

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