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Purple Meets Today’s Avant-Garde Inspired Bridal Look

Okay, brides-to-be, this beauty look is totally different and beautiful.

It is a mix of bold colour, hair and a soft but edgy bridal makeup. Just imagine rocking a colour apart from black, brown or blonde on your hair. Just maybe a mix of the avant-garde and a big purple hair will do the magic for you.

We are sure of one thing, if you do rock this look at your wedding, heads will turn and your guest, lover and you will remember it for a long time.

The makeup artist and hair stylist, Solange Hair and Beauty shared the description of the look:

We created this beautiful ‘avant-garde ‘ bride look for brides that want something out of the regular, something unassuming and interesting that would leave her guests surprised and make her the highlight of her big day. So we went bold on the hair colour, using purple hair extensions to create this hairstyle. We also incorporated braids and a big bow at the back to serve as an accessory to the back of the hair.



The everyday braid accessory pin was used on one side of her hair to make brides understand that you must not use the most expensive hair accessory to make your bridal hair stand out. To add a touch of elegance to the hair, we used an irregular shaped bridal hair accessory. For the makeup, most brides want to play it safe, but we used a pop of colour(purple) to line her eyes and match her hair colour and then went soft on the lips.

For her outfit, we draped a laced bridal veil on the model, creating a soft mono strapped hand and neckline. Brides never imagine how beautiful these pieces put together would look on them so we decided to create this look to proof that ‘weird ‘ can be beautiful. The overall look is called the ‘AVANT-GARDE BRIDE’.



Makeup: @solangehairandbeauty
Hair: @solangehairandbeauty
Photography: @kdbphotographix
Belle: @asil_fro
Videography: @m_osai
Accessories: @thebridalaccessorystore
Outfit: @rarevoguecouture

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