Could This Be The Next Trending Gele ? HINT: This Look Has Feathers

The moment we saw this bridal beauty and the gele- we said WOW!

If you are hoping to get that va-va-voom reaction from your guests, then this gele bridal inspiration will get you that reaction. You know why? Just the way the layers of the gele come together plus the extra factor- feathers is one that will make your look memorable on your big day.

You have to give it up for Laglitz Beauty for the gorgeous gele and the makeup. The Aso Oke was nailed by the Glitters Splash Bridals. Everything about this bridal shoot was beautifully captured by Photographer Charlie. The talented vendors did a great job on this traditional beauty look.

From every angle, it definitely feels like one to love and try out.

Is this a look you will love to try out? Let’s know in the comments.

: @glowri_
Makeup & Gele: @laglitz_
Beads: @tpjconcept
Assistant: @dnl_lens
Asooke: @glittersplash_aso_oke

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