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Bring Your Fairytale Dream to Life With This Ivory Wedding Dress!

We used to love fairytales growing up. They gave us a picture of what we wanted to see, and how we wanted to look like especially on our big day. Then we realized they were simply stories. But who says fairytales don’t exist? Happy ever afters sure do exist and so can your magical dream wedding!

This dreamy bridal shoot from Genovera Beauty is giving us that magical fairytale vibe. The glam was perfectly done to create a smooth allure that can simply not be ignored. The hair by Mimi Hair Artistry also comes through an extra exquisite touch to the look and oh! The ivory dress! we’ve just got to mention breathtaking the ball dress is, complemented seamlessly by the minimal accessory. Everything about this look combines to give the perfect grandeur for your dream wedding.

So, if your big day is on the way and you’ve always wanted to look like a Disney princess, then here you go! Check out all the photos in this shoot below:


Makeup: @genoverabeauty
Photography: @arshavinjohn @arshavinjohn_weddings
Hairstylist: @mimihairartistry
Dress and accessories: @theweddingparlourng
Planner: @virturellacelebrations
Muse: @kiera_coulibaly

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