10 Important Things You Must Include In Your Wedding Video

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I know you haven’t read from me in a while. Well, it’s good to be back! Weddings are one of those very special days in a person’s life and so it is very pertinent that they’re properly documented to preserve all the beautiful memories.  The last time, I gave you 5 tips to help you get a must-watch wedding video. Today, let’s talk about the things that need to be included in your wedding video.

The wedding day activities usually last the whole day. In fact, it starts the day before with a few preparations; the bridal shower, the bachelor’s eve and other activities. On the wedding day itself, you are practically busy all day. Starting with the wake-up call from the planner’s coordinator to getting ready after your beauty sleep, and ending with the afterparty. Most times, it’s a 12 to 15hrs action-packed day. Well, there’s no way you can record and watch a wedding video of 12hrs – ain’t nobody got time for that. Nobody! A 1hr feature film of the day is usually ideal for your cinematic wedding story. So here are some things you must ensure are included in your wedding video.

The Dress and Accessories

Couples go all out these days to acquire designer dresses and accessories. From the bride’s dress to her shoes, jewellery and lots more, it’s always a hall of beauty on that day. Before the bridal train and the couple starts getting ready, details of these accessories should be captured very well.

The Bridal Prep

When covering a wedding, it is imperative that the videographer captures the process of the bride getting ready. The bride’s makeup and dressing up should be among the first scenes in the wedding video as it is an important part of the big day. Next should be the bridesmaids getting their hair and makeup done. Then the videographer should capture the bride all dressed up and ready for her big day. These are moments the bride will want to relive as time goes by.

The Groom’s Prep

The next set of scenes should focus on the groom and his men getting ready. The videographer should capture the groom’s accessories and that of his groomsmen, the excitement in the air and on their faces, the whole chaos that occurs as they get dressed and lastly the groom and his men all dressed up.

Quick Photoshoot and Video shoot

Once the couple and the bridal train are all dressed and ready to leave for the vow, this is the best time to capture great moments with them together. There should be a quick photoshoot moment while should capture the happiness and joy in the air and all kinds of emotions among them.

Walking Down The Aisle

The walk down the aisle is one of the most symbolic aspects of the wedding as it marks a new phase for the couple. The groom patiently waiting at the altar for his bride, his facial expression whether he is laughing, crying or smiling, the bride walking down the aisle to her soon-to-be husband alone or being guided by her father or any other family member should all be captured. The eye contact they make when they are standing face to face should be framed and

The Vow

As the wedding service progresses, one major segment we always look out for is the exchange of vows between the couple. After all, the whole preparation is for that exact moment where they pledge themselves to each other for as long as they live. The videographer should be able to discern when to zoom in or out to capture this very important part of the wedding with much attention to the couple’s facial expressions. Also, be alert enough to catch a few tears from the guests.

The First Kiss

The moment when the newly wedded couple shares their first kiss as husband and wife. This special moment is a must in a wedding video. You don’t want to miss this part of the wedding.

The First Dance

The wedding video is never complete without the first dance. It is the job of the videographer to capture this beautiful moment as the bride and groom sway to their favourite song playing softly for all the guests to see. The way the couple look at each other during the dance and the facial expressions of the guests as well should be on camera.

Tossing of the Bouquet

Another very important moment that must not be missed is the tossing of the bouquet. Where all the bride’s single friends get a chance to catch the bouquet which mostly signifies that their own wedding will be next or soon. Every bride would love to see who came out to catch the bouquet at their wedding in the wedding video.

Dance Moments

Weddings are characterised by happy moments which is exhibited in dancing. From the father-daughter dance, the son mother dance, family dance, to the afterparty, a cross-section of these beautiful moments must be documented in the wedding video. This truly shows how happy the guests were at the wedding.

Every couple and any good videographer should ensure that these beautiful aspects of the wedding day make the cut. These events all play important parts of the wedding and should not be excluded in your wedding video so you can tell a truly beautiful wedding story of your wedding experience.

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